Shilpa Sinde Big Boss season 12 winner ? : Winner Leaked

The very famous and one of the biggest reality show of Indian entertainment is Bigg Boss . Yes Now Big Boss 11 is heading towards the end and all of the contestants are focused on giving their best to stay I n the house and win the show. The frequent Changing equations, ugly fights and character questions have been very much common in the house. However, there are some people who lost their followers with too many nasty fights,while others have been winning hearts of millions with their own silence and strategy on this show.

And the one and only star of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress Shilpa Sinde is not only winning hearts but now has millions of fan followers in twitter. She has a breaking fan following in Twitter now and is being considered one of the most important contender of the house . While following her in this favourite list there are Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan, but those who are eliminated contestants so far have been quite sure of Shilpa to be the winner of this season.

And recently,the very handsome hunk of season 10 contestant Manu Punjabi also released his statement that Shilpa sinde will mostly take the trophy home . He said this in an online interview. But he said that he has a special interest on the act and task of Vikas Gupta and he is his favourite. In the interview, Manu said,so confidently that the winner of Big Boss season 11 will be undoubtedly Shilpa Shinde. As he said that being a human, all of us are equipped with a positive and negative attitude but shilpa here has not shown her negative side at all this means that even she is sleeping she is thinking. She has a very bad past experience with vikash Gupta and started her past controversy with him, She was being showered with a sympathy And Secondly, she is cooking and handling everything this basic thing for everyone and third, if someone tounts her she doesn’t reply. She doesn’t reply back in a way that will look ugly and takes things in a very normal way. She is one of the matured contestant for the show and is playing really good with her own style. Mostly, the reality shows have the winners who make good examples and set a good impact.

Well, anything can happen because it’s all about public who vote for them and it’s up to them whom they want to see, So we really don’t have any clue that how the ex- big boss winner Manu prediction will go far ! But ,in a same way according to the votes and pr these contestants are also having. We kind of imagine them to be competing in the final. Who do you think the winner will be and why ? Please comment below.

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